Frequently Asked Questions


(1) Can I watch the first movie on one field and the second on the other field?

  No, your ticket is for the double feature on one field only. You may only watch the movies on the field for which you purchased a ticket.  You can buy another ticket for the other field at intermission. It is still a bargain at only $9.00 per person.  

(2) Can you bring food in from the outside?

You are not prohibited from bringing in food. No grilling is allowed and alcohol is prohibited in our theatre. We will confiscate any drinks in glass bottles, including soda.  However, we do have a concession stand with very tasty hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, nachos, drinks, etc. The film companies take a sizeable percentage of the ticket price and we pay our bills with money made in the concession stand, so please keep that in mind.  

(3) Do you close the gates if it gets full, and what time do you recommend we arrive?

We do occasionally sell-out. As long as we have room, we will allow you to walk in and sit in the playground area.  It is recommend that you arrive 1.5 to 2 hours before showtime on Fridays and Saturdays during the spring and summer.  Sunday is the least crowded day, except for the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend which is often the busiest day of the year.  Tune your radio to 90.3FM while waiting in line and we will try to give parking updates via the radio.

(4) Do you recommend bringing chairs and a radio to sit outside?

Sure, it's fun to sit outside, just don't forget the bug repellent. Also, you are not allowed to sit on top of your vehicle. 
Keep in mind that the sight-line is from inside your vehicle not on the ground.

(5) Does the show go on even with bad weather?

Yes. We show the movies in all weather.   We've even been open during a hurricane!

(6) Do we get to watch both movies for one price? How do you decide which two movies go together?

Yes, you get two movies for the price of one matinee at the indoor theater. It is important to us that we offer affordable family entertainment. We carefully choose our movies and negotiate with the movie studios to offer the best double features possible. Movie studios offer special double feature prices to drive-ins, but they often dictate which two movies can be combined for a double feature.  

(7) Can you tell me what will be playing one/two/three weeks from now?

Unfortunately no, we know what we would like to show then, but are unable to confirm the booking until the Monday before the movie starts. If we do know in advance, the start date  will be posted on the "Coming Soon" page of the website under the movie poster for the particular movie.  

(8) How long does the season run?

The drive-in is open from the beginning of March through the end of November, depending on attendance and movie availability.

(9) Can I bring my dog?

Yes, pets are allowed as long as they are well behaved, don't disturb others and are kept on a leash.  Please clean up after your pet.  We will stop allowing dogs, if we have to clean up after them.  

(10) Do you accept credit, debit cards or checks?

We can only take cash at the ticket booth. There is an ATM at a gas station less than a mile away. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover  debit and credit cards are accepted in the concession stand.  There is a $1 fee for credit/debit purchases less than $25. 

(11) Do you offer a discount for groups, students, seniors, military, or single features?

Our prices are as low as we can possibly go and stay in business.  We want to keep the drive-in affordable for everyone. 

(12) If I leave the drive-in can I get back in with my ticket stub?

No, If you leave the drive-in, you must purchase another ticket to get back in.

(13) Why are the kid's movies on different fields?

We carefully choose our movies and negotiate with the movie studios to offer the best double features possible. Movie studios offer special double feature prices to drive-ins, but they often dictate which two movies can be combined for a double feature.

(14) Can some of us watch the movies on one field while others in our car watch the movies on another field? 

If you are traveling with a group of people, please have everyone going to one field in one vehicle and eveyone going to another field in another vehicle.  This is because very often the tickets for the separate fields are purchased at the entrance to that field and not at a centeral location.  If you aren't bringing two vehilcles, the walk-ins must get out of the car at the ticket booth to purchase their tickets.  (See question #1)

(15) Where are the restrooms and concessions?

The restroom/concession building is located in the middle of the Main Field.  The restrooms for screen #2 are in the two story building and the concession trailer is located near the entrance to the field.  The restrooms for screen #3 are located in the two story building at the back of the field.  There is no concession stand on screen #3.  There is a walk path behind the restroom building that leads to the main field.

(16)  Can I sit in the bed of my truck or leave my hatch up?

Just remember that the people behind you have to be able to see over your vehicle.  Nothing can be higher than the roofline of your vehicle.  We will provide twine to tie your hatch down.

(17) Can we bring a church bus?

Church buses are welcome.  Please plan to arrive extra-extra early in the spring and summer for big movies so we can get you parked.  Please pay in one transaction.

(18) What if I only want to watch the second movie?

The ticket booth stays open until all of the second movies start. 

(19) Can I have a marriage proposal or birthday greeting played on screen?

Yes, there is a fee of $200 to convert your MP4 video to digital format and play it on our screen.  We must have the video and payment at least 7 days in advance.  It must meet our approval and be less than 60 seconds in length.

(20) Will you donate a free pass, concession gift certificate or money to my childen's school/favorite charity?

While we believe that is it good thing to give to charity, we get an overwhelming number of requests for donations.  As a very small family-run business it is difficult for us to accomodate every request.  We do several  charity events at the drive-in each year: a fundraiser for the local volunteer fire department over Memorial Day Weekend; a clothing and necessities drive for a different children's charities during our pajama weekend each fall and a blood drive in late summer.  These events allow us to give back to the community without overtaxing our time and resources.