Come out and join us for a unique movie experience – the drive-in movie! We generally offer three double features each weekend during the spring, summer and fall for the price of a single movie. Come watch movies under the stars! Movies are usually updated by Tuesday morning.

Ticket Prices (cash only)
Big kids 12 and up $9.00
Kids 4 to 11 $5.00
Kids 3 and underFree


After considering the Governor’s March 23, 2020 order and consulting with the Sheriff of Aiken County, we have concluded that we should close the drive-in for health and safety reasons. This was an incredibly difficult decision and our hearts are broken. While we consider the drive-in to be “essential” to us and our customers, in truth, it is not. If our closing saves one life, then it was worth every penny lost.

There is no time certain when the drive-in might reopen. No one knows when things will become “normal” again. There will be no significant Hollywood movies released until at least the middle of May. Two big May releases have already been pulled. It is possible, perhaps likely, that more films will be postponed. Until we have viable movies to screen, we will remain closed. However, whether it’s 2020, 2021 or later, we plan to be back with more of “The Big Show at The Big MO”.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support during this difficult time. Please be safe and well. As we say at the end of each night’s shows, “we’ll see you again ‘reel’ soon.”