• No readmission. If you leave the property for ANY reason, you must pay to reenter.
  • No refunds once show has begun. No rain-checks for bad weather.  This is an outdoor event – please plan accordingly.
  • No grills, laser pointers, alcohol, illegal substances or glass containers. There is ZERO tolerance for marijuana smoking.  You WILL be evicted from the drive-in with no refund and reported to police.
  • One space per vehicle. There are two spaces between posts.
  • Park conversion vans and other high clearance vehicles on the last two rows. Vehicles over 6 feet tall can NOT park on rows 2-4.  Parking attendants have the final say on where vehicles should park.
  • Hatches must be no higher than the top of the vehicle. We can supply twine and help you tie down your hatch.
  • Don’t sit on top of your vehicle. Nothing (including radios, cups, heads, etc.) should be higher than the roof of your vehicle.
  • Don’t throw balls, frisbees or other objects near the screen tower, front fence or marquee.
  • Keep ticket stub as proof of purchase.
  • Use parking lights only when driving in theater.
  • Turn off all vehicle lights when parked, including interior lights. Check your owner’s manual regarding daytime running lights.  It is your responsibility to make sure no light is emitted from your vehicle.
  • Management reserves the right to have you move your vehicle to another location on the field.
  • Please use trash cans and vehicle ashtrays. Trash bags are available in the concession stand.  Only trashy people throw trash on the ground and cigarette butts are trash.
  • Wear shoes at all times.
  • Supervise your children at all times.
  • Please be courteous to others. Foul language will not be tolerated.
  • Don’t drive over 5 mph.
  • Play area is closed during all movies.
  • No smoking in the concession stand and restrooms unless you are on fire. Those who smoke in their cars should be respectful of those who might not be able to tolerate smoke due to health reasons.  Please do not throw cigarette butts on the ground.
  • The line for admission forms on the south side of the drive–in entrance. Be courteous to those waiting in line and go to the end of the line.  As they say in elementary school, “No Cutting Line!”
  • There is no prohibition on running your engine during the movie unless it is extremely loud or has bad exhaust fumes. Please be considerate of your neighbors.
  • NO FIELD SWITCHING FOR MOVIES. Your ticket buys admission to one screen’s double feature only. You may walk around all three fields before the movies start but once the movies begin, you must stay on the field for which you hold a ticket.  If you are caught on a field without the proper ticket, you may be evicted from the drive-in or forced to pay admission for the movie that you were caught watching.
  • Plan to arrive 1.5 to 2 hours before showtime during the summer and for blockbuster movies.
  • We love to celebrate your special occasions with you! Let us know in the concession stand what you are celebrating, and we will do our best to announce it over the radio.
  • We love pets but they must always be kept on a leash or in your vehicle. No pets allowed in the concession stand, except trained service animals. You must clean up after your pet.


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